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McKenna Cox

November 15th: Room 28 Comedy will be hosting their own show at the Triad Theatre at 9PM! Come see us perform new, original sketches for the first time since our NBC debut!

November 10th: McKenna will be performing an original monologue for her UCB Character 101 class show! Catch her and her peers at UCB Hell’s Kitchen (555 West 42nd St.) at 12:15PM!

November 5th and 6th: McKenna will be in Washington D.C. filming a PSA for the FDA! This will be a silly one, so stay on the lookout for it!

October 27th: McKenna will be performing with Room 28 Comedy in SketchFest 2019 at the People’s Improv Theatre! Her team will be headlining at the PIT Loft at 8:30PM.

October 24th: McKenna will be performing in Bragging Rights in the People Improv Theatre’s SketchFest 2019! The show will be headlining at the PIT Striker Theatre at 8PM.

October 5th and 6th: McKenna will be performing with Room 28 Comedy at the People en Espanol Festival on behalf of SOMOS! More details to come…

September 21st: McKenna will be performing with the Comedy Derailed ladies at Pop Show hosted by Ziwe! The show will be at Union Hall at 7:30PM and you can get your tickets using the following link:

September 8th: McKenna is so excited to announce that she now an official performer for the Story Pirates! This amazing organization is an arts education and media company based in New York and Los Angeles. We take stories written by kids and bring those stories to life to celebrate the words and ideas of children. For more information about how the Story Pirates work, click here:

August 21st and 22nd: McKenna shot a Bob’s Furniture commercial in Connecticut! She’ll share the spot with you when she gets the footage!

August 2nd: McKenna was on set shooting the short film, Dormant. More information will be provided soon!

July 31st: McKenna was excited to join the cast of Scrapped for another night of embarrassingly great writing! She cold read scripts written by UCB’s Laura Michelle, Natasha Vayblat and Brandon Bassham at the PIT Underground. Big thanks to the hosts Sarah Ann Houghton and Dylan Eshbaugh for bringing her onboard.

July 25th: The all women cast of Comedy Derailed was defeated in Round Two of the Bragging Rights July Madness Sketch Competition. As always, McKenna had a great time performing at the PIT Underground!

July 16th: Room 28 Comedy made their debut on NBC’s new comedy competition show, Bring The Funny! You can watch the sketch by clicking the following link:

July 12th: McKenna performed with the all women cast of Comedy Derailed in Round One of the Bragging Rights July Madness Sketch Competition and is happy to say that the team advanced to Round Two!

July 8th: McKenna filmed a commercial for City Empire MGM Casinos! It is currently running on TV in New York and surrounding states, as well as live at NY Yankees and Mets baseball games. You can also view it by clicking the following link:

July 6th: McKenna’s UCB 301 Sketch Writing Class had their graduation show at UCB Hell’s Kitchen! Two sketches what McKenna wrote were featured and she even performed in a few sketches!

June 29th: McKenna performed with Room 28 in the DAF Festival at Caveat!

June 29th: Affairs Interrupted, a short created by Danny Garcia, Sarah Ann Houghton, and McKenna, was featured in the one minute film festival, Quickie Fest VII.

June 27th: The all women cast and team of Comedy Derailed had two comedy variety shows at the Triad Theatre!

June 15th: McKenna filmed a new short with Behind the Camera NYC which will be featured in Quickie Festival VII. She created and acted in the film alongside her friends Danny Garcia and Sarah Ann Houghton.

May 30-31: McKenna traveled to Connecticut to film a commercial for LinkedIn. The spot features her conducting job interviews with children.

May 29th: McKenna booked a commercial for Brilli Lightbulbs! She filmed in Brooklyn with one of her favorite production companies, Piro.

May 16th: McKenna shot the poster for the upcoming short film, Last Call. More details to come…

May 8th: Escape! The Burbs, a short featuring McKenna and created by Faux Reel Studios, premiered in the Iron Mule Short Comedy Screening Series. You can view the short using the following link:

May 5th: McKenna flew to Toronto to shoot a few commercials for Squarespace with director Tim Godsall! Hey! You’re looking at a Squarespace site right now! 🤗 You can view a couple of them by clicking the following links:

2 Minute Spot:

30 Second Spot:

April 9th: McKenna flew to LA to film a new project! More details to come… :)

March 24th: The Fancy Drunk, a sketch written and created by Perfectly Adequate Films and featuring McKenna, premiered at the New York City Short Comedy Film Festival.

March 6th: McKenna played a naive, spirited, Southern woman named Kekkie in Joanne Hoersch’s reading of Bunnies, a play about the lives of the 1970s Playboy bunnies. The reading took place at Jersey City Theatre Center and was part of the NJ Women Playwright’s series produced by the Writer’s Theatre of New Jersey.

March 1st: McKenna performed in the March edition of the hit PIT sketch comedy show, Bragging Rights, at the Striker Theater!

February 27th: McKenna performed in SCRAPPED, a new sketch comedy show at the PIT Underground where the actors cold read scripts that never made it past the writing room by featured comedy writers.

February 22nd: McKenna shot a new comedic short, Last Call, with Behind the Camera NYC. Danny Garcia wrote and directed the piece and McKenna had the pleasure of acting opposite of her fellow Room 28er, Ariana Rodriguez.

February 16th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at the ASPIRA of New York’s 26th Annual City Youth Conference sponsored by Macy’s. Hostos Community College hosted the event for high school students from all five boroughs.

February 3rd: McKenna filmed Episode 3 of the Open House Web-Series with Indelible Films. She will post the link to view the episode when it becomes available.

January 20th: McKenna shot a comedic short with Perfectly Adequate Films called The Breakup.

January 18th: McKenna filmed a pretape for SNL where she played a Jazz Club Patron in a Marvelous Mrs. Maisel parody! Getting to watch Rachel Brosnahan and Leslie Jones perform standup live is an experience she will never forget.

January 6th: McKenna played an overachieving newspaper reporter named Nora in Eric Peterson’s new play, Water, Water Everywhere. The play was a part of the Soundings Reading Series through the Writers Theatre of New Jersey.

A behind the scenes pic of McKenna doing a pretape for SNL’s Marvelous Mrs. Maisel parody.

A behind the scenes pic of McKenna doing a pretape for SNL’s Marvelous Mrs. Maisel parody.

Catch McKenna with Room 28 Comedy on the first season of NBC’s  Bring the Funny !

Catch McKenna with Room 28 Comedy on the first season of NBC’s Bring the Funny!

McKenna had so much fun filming  Last Call  with Danny Garcia and Ariana Rodriguez!

McKenna had so much fun filming Last Call with Danny Garcia and Ariana Rodriguez!