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McKenna Cox

December 15th: McKenna will be filming a short written by PeterPaul Shaker. She will be playing the down to earth, cynical sister of a gamer who’s playing video games for cash.

December 14th: Room 28 Comedy will be performing a bonus winter show! More details to come…

December 3rd: McKenna will be in a reading of Jane Elias’s full length play, Girl Is Mine. It is part of the First Mondays Reading Series through Naked Angels and will be at 6PM at the Teatro Circulo (64 East 4th Street).

November 17th: McKenna will be performing with an all female cast and crew in Comedy Derailed at 7PM and 9:30PM at the Triad Theatre! The ticket link is and use this promo code to get 10% off: Mckenna

November 10th: McKenna’s original sketch that she wrote, FixYaFace, was filmed by Danny Garcia and is going to be featured on EOP’s social media platforms. Her cast included Rachel Strauss-Muniz, Ariana Rodriguez and Sarah Ann Houghton. A link to view the sketch to come…

November 9th: McKenna was on set with the SNL pretape crew and was a part of the video, Unity Song. You can view the sketch by clicking the following link:

November 6th: McKenna was in a reading of Bunnies by Joanne Hoersch through the Writer’s Theatre of New Jersey at Drew University.

October 29th: McKenna performed at UCB Hell’s Kitchen theatre in a show featuring Hunter Nelson’s 301 Sketch Writing class!

October 26th: McKenna was a producer on set for an internal video for Regeneron, an award winning biotechnology company. She collaborated with Spicy Pepper Media for this project.

October 25th: McKenna booked and filmed Jacqueline Christy’s amazing, new feature, Magic Hour. She plays a young woman who has a panic attack at a business meeting.

October 24th: McKenna filmed a promo for the Oxygen Network’s new show, Smiley Face Killer.

October 21st: McKenna filmed Episode Two of the Open House Web-Series with Indelible Films.

October 19th: McKenna’s sketch comedy team came out victorious in Bragging Rights at the PIT Loft for the PIT’s 2018 Sketchfest!

October 15th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at NBC for the Telemundo, Bravo and various advertisement agencies.

October 12th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at the Triad Theatre!

October 10th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at 30 Rockefeller Center for NBC in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month!

October 5th: McKenna filmed a pretape for SNL where she played a Texan at a Ted Cruz rally. She loves watching Oz Rodriguez direct his amazing cast.

September 29th: McKenna played a Burger King employee on SNL! She had a blast being a part of the live show and watching the cast and crew knock it out of the park.

September 21st and 22nd: McKenna booked and filmed a commercial in Albany, NY for SEFCU! More details to come!

September 7th: McKenna performed in the hilarious sketch comedy show, Bragging Rights, at the PIT Striker!

August 18th: McKenna had a blast performing in UCB's Sketch Cram at the new Hell's Kitchen theatre. For this show, the writers get together at 10AM and create eight sketches. The actors arrive at 6:30PM, learn and rehearse their scenes, and then perform the show at midnight!

August 17th: McKenna filmed a commercial for a tech company! She will post a link as soon as she’s allowed!

August 10th: McKenna performed to a sold out crowd in Bragging Rights at the PIT Striker! Her team was voted the winner by guest judges Luke Null (SNL cast member) and Tim Realbuto (writer and actor feature film YES).

July 28th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at the Washington Heights Block Party!

July 22nd: McKenna filmed a new webseries with Indelible Films! The series takes place in a real estate office in which McKenna will be playing the receptionist.

July 17th: McKenna booked and filmed a commercial for the amazing vegan restaurant, by Chloe. This company has stores in NYC, LA, Boston and London. She was in two spots entitled Plant Curious Film. More info to come...

July 8th: McKenna filmed a sketch with EOP Comedy! More details to come...

July 7th: McKenna booked filmed a Microsoft commercial! She played the Waitress in the spot entitled "Humor Bistro."

July 6th: McKenna performed in the SOLD OUT variety show, Comedy Derailed, at the Soho Playhouse! She was so excited to be a part of this all female cast and crew! Yes!

June 9th: McKenna hosted Bragging Rights at the PIT Striker! In this show, two hilarious teams go up against each other in a sketch comedy battle!

June 2nd: Room 28 Comedy had a great show at the Soho Playhouse!

May 21st: McKenna received the footage from the PerkinElmer shoot she did in 2017! Check out the spot by using the following link:

May 18th: McKenna filmed with Saturday Night Live in a new sketch called Friendship Song featuring Nicki Minaj, Tina Fey, Kate McKinnon, and many other SNL cast members!

May 13th: McKenna attended the New York Indie Film Festival awards ceremony to celebrate the  three wins for Latino Vortex! The sketch won Best Ensemble, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design. 

May 11th:  McKenna shot a digital short with SNL! The sketch is titled The Day You Were Born and it stars Amy Schumer, Mikey Day, Alex Moffett, and Aidy Bryant. McKenna plays a nurse in the delivery room scenes.

May 11th: Latino Vortex was an official selection for the NYC Independent Film Festival! The viewing was in Theater G at the Producer's Club (358 West 44th St.) If you haven't seen the short, here is a link to check it out!

May 11th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at the PIT's hit show, Bragging Rights, where she and her team came out victorious!

May 2nd: McKenna did a reading at Jersey City Theatre Center of Richard Dresser's new play, Wolf at the Door. Richard's work has been produced all over the country, including Broadway.

April 18th: McKenna filmed a promo for the new messaging and gaming app, BLUR. Details to come...

April 13th: McKenna appeared on SNL in a cult documentary parody of Wild, Wild Country. She was able to work in a scene featuring the brilliantly funny Kenan Thompson and Nasim Pedrad and directed by the incredible Oz Rodriguez. You can watch the sketch by clicking on the following link:

April 13th: McKenna hosted Bragging Rights at the PIT Striker!

April 3rd: McKenna was in a reading of Nicole Pandolfo's new play, The Belle of Belmar. The reading was hosted by the Drew University Dramaturgy Department.

March 31st: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at the DAF Comedy Festival! 

March 27th: McKenna performed in a reading of Erin Mallon's play, The Other White Meat, at Mile Square Theatre in Hoboken. Big thanks to the Writers Theatre of New Jersey for holding so many wonderful reading series so that new plays can get seen! 

March 19th: McKenna was in a reading of John Lewis's new screenplay, Killing Roger. The movie follows the battle of the media during the time of the Kennedy assassination. 

March 18th: McKenna shot a new sketch with Faux Reel Studios! The project is about a group of people trying to escape the BURBS and make it to Manhattan! More info to come...

March 2nd: Room 28 Comedy released two new sketches that were parodies of Oscar nominated films! Check them out by these two links:

Paloma (Lady Bird):

Shape of Waterbug:

February 28th: McKenna performed in Erin Mallon's reading of Stunning Displays of Prowess at Jersey City Theatre Center. She was excited to work with director, Mark Cirnigliaro.

February 22nd: McKenna filmed with EOP Comedy! The video was released on various social media websites on Dominican Independence Day! You can view the video using the following link:

February 22nd: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at City Tech Brooklyn College!

February 9th: McKenna joined the cast of Bragging Rights at the PIT's Striker Theatre for another fun night of completely original sketch comedy!

February 8th: McKenna played the role of Chris, a high strung and slightly sadistic daughter, in the delightful comedy, The Happy Family, by Jan Jalenak and directed by Alastair Boag. The readings took place the Robert Moss Theater.

February 5th: McKenna teamed up with Faux Reel Studios to film Head by the beautiful and brilliant Tessa Borbridge. Check out the final product here:

February 2nd: McKenna is excited to announce that she has been offered the role of Milly, a small town reporter, in Summer Nights, a new feature film by Peter Iengo! The movie is set to shoot this coming summer in the New York area.

January 22nd: McKenna shot a commercial spec with the super talented writer and actor, Deborah Napier. More info. to come...

January 16th: McKenna was in a reading of The Other White Meat by Erin Mallon at the Dreyfuss Theatre in Madison, NJ.

January 9th: McKenna was a part of the Writer's Theatre of New Jersey's 2018 SOUNDINGS Reading Series for the second time this season! This time she read in Donna Hoke's new play, Teach.

January 9th: Crazy Famous, the feature film that McKenna shot in 2015 with actors Catherine Curtain and Kathy Searle, is now available On Demand for most cable/satellite platforms such as Direct TV, Comcast, Verizon Fios, Cox, Dish, etc. You can also view the movie using any of the following links: Amazon:
Google Play:

January 8th: McKenna recorded some sweet VO work for Perfectly Adequate Films. More info to come...

January 2nd: McKenna was excited to start the year off by being a part of the Writer's Theatre of New Jersey's 2018 SOUNDINGS Reading Series. She was included in the cast of The Patriot, written by Pulitzer Prize nominated playwright, Joe Sutton. Joe's previous work has been featured on Broadway and London's West End.

  Crazy Famous  is now available for free on Amazon Prime!

Crazy Famous is now available for free on Amazon Prime!

 SNL's  Wild, Wild Country  parody featuring Kenan Thompson and Nasim Pedrad

SNL's Wild, Wild Country parody featuring Kenan Thompson and Nasim Pedrad

 McKenna Cox, Rachel Strauss-Muniz and Mike Diaz receiving the awards for Best Ensemble, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design for  Latino Vortex  at the NYC Indie Film Festival.

McKenna Cox, Rachel Strauss-Muniz and Mike Diaz receiving the awards for Best Ensemble, Best Cinematography, and Best Production Design for Latino Vortex at the NYC Indie Film Festival.