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McKenna Cox

August 6th: McKenna will be in the featured PIT show, Bragging Rights. Chillville is challenging Room 28 Comedy in a comedic battle! Come check out the show at The Striker Theatre (123 E 24th St.) at 8PM. Get your tickets at:

August 1st: McKenna shot a commercial for PerkinElmer where she played her first Young Mom role in a spot called "Telling It Like It Is."

July 28th: McKenna shot a print ad for Smilo in which she was a young woman attending a friend's baby shower. Very sweet!

July 27th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at the Art of Survival Fundraiser in support of the creativity of resistance.

July 15th: McKenna shot a new sketch with the hilarious Perfectly Adequate Films! The release date is TBD but it's sure to make you giggle.

July 15th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy in the AKS LEE Show at the Reckless Theatre. The show consisted of interviews, improv, and robots!

June 14th: Latino Vortex was released on the Mas Mejor YouTube channel. This project was created by Jaime Fernandez and directed by SNL's Oz Rodriguez. Here is the link:

June 9th and 10th: Room 28 Comedy performed their big summer show at The Triad Theatre!

May 15th-17th: McKenna was a physical actor for a Chinese animated film called Mountains and Sea. She worked with an amazing cast and crew, and was directed by Andrew Britt. The film will be in 360 style and the audience will be able to view it using VR goggles. The future is here!

May 7th: McKenna filmed an original sketch with an all women crew including writer and producer, Deborah Napier! More details to come!

April 30th: McKenna shot an original sketch with Room 28 Comedy for Mas Mejor and directed by SNL's Oz Rodriguez! The video should be coming out at the end of May! More details to come...

April 24th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at the Hispanic Federation Show!

April 22nd: McKenna shot two new original sketches with Room 28 Comedy! Check us out at and subscribe on YouTube!

April 17th: McKenna read the role of Police Officer and stage directions in a staged reading of Serious Moonlight by Adrienne Shelly, co-adapted by Andy Ostroy and Liz Tucillo, and directed by Liz Carlson. She had the pleasure of reading with an all star Broadway cast including Daphne Rubin-Vega, Jeremy Sisto, Teddi Millan and Theo Stockman.

April 6th: CRAZY FAMOUS was featured in the New York International Film Festival, DOLBY THEATRE, 1350 6th Ave. New York, 10019 @ 6:30pm. Get your tickets here:

CRAZY FAMOUS Film Trailer! Enjoy.

March 25th: McKenna performed at UCB's Backyard Brawl with the hilarious sketch comedy troupe, Chillville.

February 26th: McKenna performed for a sold out audience at the PIT Loft with the sketch comedy troupe, Bragging Rights.

February 26th: McKenna played the brooding, gothic daughter in a staged reading of The Happy Family by Jan Janelak at The Actor's Studio.

February 14th: McKenna performed with Room 28 Comedy at Stage 48 for the Valentine's Day show! The info is listed on the poster below.

February 4th: McKenna filmed parodies of Arrival and La La Land with Room 28 Comedy.

February 2nd: McKenna filmed a parody of Hidden Figures with Room 28 Comedy.

January 28th: McKenna performed at the PIT Loft with the sketch comedy troupe, Bragging Rights. The actors were excited to have a sold out show during a prime time Saturday night slot at the PIT!

January 10th: McKenna shot the short film, Bloodshot, written and directed by Gina Hackett. in upper Manhattan. She played the part of a teenage vampire who preys on masochistic and abusive older men.

A still photo from the vampire short, Bloodshot.

A still photo from the vampire short, Bloodshot.

Room 28 Comedy's Valentine's Show!

Room 28 Comedy's Valentine's Show!

Room 28 Comedy Summer Sketch Show

Room 28 Comedy Summer Sketch Show