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What happened when I didn't have my iPhone

McKenna Cox

What annoys me? How often I feel the need to check my phone. I'm so connected to my device that it's hard for me to go anywhere without it. I didn't even have my first smartphone until college. How quickly I have adapted to having it on me at all times. I notice myself constantly grabbing it to tell someone anything that pops in my head because I'm sure whatever I'm thinking in that moment it super duper important. I take it out to snap a picture, check my email, look on social media...the list goes on.

The Apple store took my 6s hostage for five hours today. I'm not going to lie. I felt a little panicked at first. I made a quick phone call to my boyfriend so we could meet up the old fashioned way. You know, deciding on a time and place and meeting in the lobby. I'm waiting in a bar I stumbled upon right now until that designated time. The bar is classier than me. There's piano music playing in the background and everyone here clearly has money. I'm treating myself. Someone behind me is talking about the Phil Harmonic. I just had the urge to check my phone to look up how to spell Phil Harmonic. (Hey guys, I was right, except that it's all one word: Philharmonic) The last time I reached for my kidnapped phone was about 5 minutes ago when I saw the bar had my favorite bourbon, Widow Jane, and I just had to tell my friend, Erinn, because he loves it as well. It's very exciting to me when a bar carries Widow Jane (clearly).

The city is so magical in that you can walk down a random street and there is an experience waiting to happen. I find myself drawn to Midnight in Paris style bars...cozy, romantic, comforting, a little silly. Once, due to my tipsy nature and terrible sense of direction, I couldn't find a bar at which I had the most fabulous night. I have searched and searched around Soho and still can't find it. Maybe it closed.. I don't see how though. It was lovely. Couches everywhere, a gorgeous fireplace; it felt like I was in a living room with the most perfect lighting. Ah, well! I will remember the experience forever, and that's all that matters.

Oh boy. Going to have to ask a stranger for the time...because, you remember: I DON'T HAVE MY PHONE! Or a watch... Aw, watches. I have a watch, but it doesn't work. Hasn't worked in years. I haven't felt the need to change the battery because I always have my phone with me. Seemed like a waste of money. Damn. That sucks for watches. They have transitioned from being a useful tool to a piece of jewelry. An accessory, not a necessity.

Okay. I'm asking the bartender what time it is. I'll wait till he looks at me...